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Winter Mini-Session

Music Man

Breaking Down Shakespeare

(Grades 6 - 12) The Bard's tales are a huge part of any actor's training, but how do you get started understanding them? This class will be an overview of several of Shakespeare's most famous works, helping students penetrate what's actually happening amidst the "verily's" and the "Thou's" We will learn short monologues and scenes and then present them in both classic and modern language. FEBRUARY 3 - FEBRUARY 24

Mondays 6PM - 8PM

Tuition Cost: $160


Musical Theater

(Grades 3-5) When the emotion is too much for words, we SING! Students will learn several musical theater songs from both classic and modern times and present them with simple movements in a musical review for parents. FEBRUARY 3 - FEBRUARY 24

Mondays 6PM-8PM

Tuition Cost: $160

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We offer Young Actors Workshop classes for students in grades 3-12 throughout the year, including a two-week summer camp in July. These classes teach acting and performance skills, and they help students build social skills, confidence, and communication ability. All classes are taught by professional Philadelphia-area teaching artists.

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