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For visitors with disabilities

Accessibility and Relaxed Performances

Relaxed Performances

Relaxed Performances are specially adjusted to be sensory-friendly, comfortable for but not limited to individuals on the autism spectrum. To be inclusive of children and families with a wide range of sensory, learning, and communication differences, we designed the theater experience to be welcoming and judgment-free. Many children and adults benefit from experiencing theater in this relaxed environment.

Some aspects of this program include:

  • Online pre-visit materials that show patrons what they can expect to see and hear at Montgomery Theater
  • Training for ushers, volunteers, and musicians to help staff cultivate an especially inclusive environment
  • Relaxed rules in the theater so that all responses to the show—clapping, singing, vocalizing, moving, dancing, etc.—are welcome at any time
  • Partially up house lights
  • Fidgets and earplugs
  • A designated quiet space with relaxing activities for patrons who would like to take a break from the performance.
  • Slight mitigation of sudden, loud sounds and events
  • A modified refund policy that allows families to receive 100% of their money back if they purchase tickets and find they are unable to attend the day of the performance

Peruse our Pre-Visit Materials to plan for your visit to the Main Stage.  

Wheelchair Accessibility

Both of Montgomery Theater's stages are fully wheelchair accessible. On our Main Stage, wheelchair seating needs to be requested at the time of ticket purchase.

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