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Commemorating 30 Years in Souderton

This year we celebrate 30 years of Montgomery Theater providing high-quality professional theater to the Buxmont regioin. Our first production, The William by Jonathan Daly, took place in 1993 in the basement of the Souderton firehouse. Montgomery Theater now spans all three floors of the fully renovated firehouse and offers live theater and education programs on our Main Stage and Project Stage. We are commemorating this anniversary season by honoring our past board members and artists who have made significant contributions throughout our three decades.


Learn more about MT's history.

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Past Board Members

Erin Aicher

Jamie Allebach

Ginger Bernd

Gary Brown

Ed Cardell

Elizabeth (EJ) Clemens

David Conver

Michael Curd

Greg D’Angelo

Carol Delancey

Jack Dooley

Charles Ebersole

Mary Fritsch

Carl Goelz

Brian Gourley

Laura Heckler

James H. H. Jacobson

Michael Kerns

Suzanne Kratz

Carole Kriebel

Ted Landis

Judy Leidy

Ned Leight

Drew Lewis

Harry McConnell

Pat McElwee

Christian Moffitt

John Moyer

Karen Nice

Merle Ochrach

Colleen Peterson

Linda Plank

Tim Quinn

Bonnie Rankin

John Reynolds

Steve Roberts

Rick Rutter

Roy Schmidt

Susan Simonovich

Judy Smith

Richard Strahm

Liza Weil

Michael Weiss

Sue Welch

Diane Williams

Kristin Wonderling


These artists have contributed significant work over our 30 seasons

Joseph Beck

Jessica Bedford

Jesse Bernstein

Damon Bonetti

Cindy Borowski

Tony Braithwaite

Howie Brown

Jim Brown

Jennifer Brozenske

Bud Burroughs

Franny Calter

Brian Campbell

Kim Carson

Stephen Casey

Rachael Cashman

Michelle Castiglioni

Kathi Novelli Clapham

Sue Conner

Michael Covel

Gerry Crowe

Alice Dake

Paul Dake

Adam Danoff

Lynne Danoff

Will Dennis

Theresa Dolan

Randy Engels

Nancy Cepil Forbes

Heidi deFrenes

Rachel Frick

Linda Friday

Joseph Gallagher

Mindi Ginsberg

Josh Gunning

Joe Guzman

Angela Hoerner

Nancy Snyder Holliday

David Jack

Meghan Jones

Jim Kelsh

Christina Cook Kennedy

Linda Nyce Landis

Jim Leitner

Joanne Leva

Christine Macready

Tom McAteer

Nancy McClain

Bob McDonald

Liz McDonald

Bob McGilloway

Thomas McGuire

Dane McMichael

Kellan McMichael

Greg McPeak

Scott Miller

Heidi Murphy

Paul Nolan

Michael O’Brien

Patrick O’Neil

James Ofalt

Kirsten Olson

Linda Palmarozza

R. Cameron Purdy

Cynthia Raff

Sarah Raimondi

Amy Reifinger

Jessica Riloff

James C. Roberts

Shirley Salamon

Marcia Saunders

Roy Schmidt

Cara Slemmer

Greg Solomon

Tom Tansey

Tom Teti

Jeff Vermuth

Jackie Washam

John Weber

Liza Weil

Marc Weil

Brian Weis

April Woodall

Steve Zanine

Teresa Zink