Young Actors Workshop

Summer Camp 2018

July 16 - July 27

Weekdays 9:30AM-3:00PM


Musical Theater (grades 3-12) - Who doesn’t love to belt out a good tune?  Musical Theater is one our most sought after offerings every year, and so this summer we are opening the class up to all three age groups!  Students will learn and practice musical theater selections and then develop them into an original musical review to be performed at the final showcase.  This class is open to all students from 3rd-12th grade! 

Puppet Arts (grades 3-12) - Kermit, Yoda, Lambchop, Punch & Judy.  Bringing inanimate objects to life is a theatrical tradition that goes back thousands of years.  In this class students will learn about some of the multi-cultural history of puppeteering and experiment with a variety of techniques and methods of puppet manipulation.  We will also build our own puppets and use them to develop short vignettes for performance at the final showcase.  This class is open to all students from 3rd-12th grade.  A $30 materials cost is in addition to the base tuition. 

Improv Comedy (Middle & High School) - Sometimes the funniest line is the one that pops off the top of your head.  This class will work to develop students’ improvisational skills.  Learning to trust your instincts and not fear failure, working together with scene partners to find the punchline, and of course tons of fun with theater games and jokes.  This class is open to students from 6th-12th grade.

Tuition for two-week class is $250



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